About Me Old

My Story

I have always really enjoyed cooking and started at a young age. I would enjoy watching my parents and grandparents cooking. The smells from my nan’s house was always inviting.

My father was the biggest influence on my cooking. He was a fantastic cook and a wonderful man too. He taught me some of the basics, but told me it was good to experiment with food, sometimes you can make a fantastic tasting mistake, so try doing something different. And I have, and made some strange concoctions, not all of them nice though!

My Memories

One of my favourite memories of cooking was at school. They taught us how to make ‘Fish Pie’. Preparing, cooking, mashing the the potatoes, scaling and cutting the fish, and making the sauce from scratch, I loved it! I loved it so much, I made it countless times for weeks after, evening going to visit my Auntie and Uncle and making it there too. By the way, the recipe is in the Blog too!

So, for years, I have been cooking for myself, my family and my friends, to a point I was asked “Why don’t you write a cooking book?”. That is the long term plan, but a blog is so much more! This was I can share with you all my favourite recipes, my ideas, and get comments from you too.

My Photographs

The pictures I take are of the actual food I make, as I make it. I will cook it, dress it on a plate, photograph it, then eat it! I think this brings an honesty to my cooking and to this blog. Its not taking me ages to get the right lighting, correct angle, and retouching it. I’ve just made it, photographed it using my iPhone 8 Plus, then enjoy eating it afterwards.

In loving memory of my best friend and my hero, my Dad x


My Latest Recipes